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leon engelbrecht

Leon realised his passion for coaching after noticing the difference he could make in an athlete’s life by simply encouraging them to be the best they can be. He started his first training group in 1986. His earliest success story is that of one of his athletes, Susan Nel (Loots) in Team South Africa who participated in The World Cross Country Championships in Spain. Other representatives of Team South Africa in the senior competition were well-known athletes Elana Meyer and Zola Budd. Leon’s focus shifted from training elite athletes to simply creating a relaxed and fun environment for all runners, no matter their fitness level, focusing on wellbeing and each individual’s goals, for the last decade

My Mission

Providing A Healthy, Happy And Confident Lifestyle For All

Leon started the first Parkrun in Bloemfontein on Naval Hill. As Run director, Naval Hill Parkrun was one of the five largest Parkruns in South Africa. He is the Run director of the very successful, recently established City Run which is held on Naval Hill and Brandkop, with over 300 runners and walkers joining City Run every Saturday morning. Leon has been coaching a group of athletes on Naval hill for the past 5 years. He is always available, no matter the weather, be it freezing cold or extremely hot. Leon’s favourite word of motivation is “Consistency!”. The comradery between his athletes is very dear to his heart and his motto is “bringing people together who have a passion for running”.
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